Whether you need a substantive edit, a rewrite, a light polish, or a simple manuscript evaluation, we are ready to take on your project. If you are unsure of the service(s) you require, drop us a line, along with a two-page sample of your work. We will be happy to provide a price quote before we begin any project. Check out our Portfolio to see some of the books we have edited.

Basic Editing  



Proofreading involves checking a manuscript for basic errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar; dropped or extra words; or formatting errors in finished pages such as errors in spacing or indentation. 

Rate: $30/hour



Copyediting is line-by-line editing that addresses basic spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors; it also improves the quality of writing by addressing unclear or awkward statements, such as non-sequiturs (when one idea does not follow another), inconsistencies in ideas or tone,  repetition, and information gaps. If required, copyeditors will also ensure that a manuscript adheres to a set style, e.g. The Chicago Manual of Style or documentation standards, e.g. MLA, APA, etc.

Rate: $32/hour



Substantive Editing 


Substantive editing usually involves some copyediting, along with structural changes, such as improving the dramatic arc of a novel, or reorganizing the table of contents of a nonfiction book. Substantive editing can also mean cutting content, identifying missing material, or rewriting paragraphs or sections of a work. In some cases, substantive editing could entail additional research or fact checking. The author approves all changes. 
Rate: $40/hour





Have a great idea? Need an elevator pitch or a formal book proposal? Not a problem. Have a book outline and need a ghost writer? You got it. Need a timely authored piece? We've got you covered. We have written books, magazine articles, and web content for diverse audiences and markets, from children to adults. We are confident in the areas of mental health, youth issues, literacy and language arts, social sciences, mathematics (Grades 1-8), science, business, geography, history, and more.

Rate: $35/hour.



Consultation and Feedback


Manuscript Evaluation

Writing is hard. Sometimes you just need someone to offer honest, constructive feedback. We will provide a manuscript evaluation that addresses the content of the work (e.g. interest level, credibility); the quality of the writing; and the steps we recommend you take to improve the work. We will also address specific questions you may have about your work. 

Rate: $100 for the first 10 pages, $2 per page thereafter. 


Need to talk things through? We provide one-on-one consultations by phone. 

Rate: $50/hour. 


We accept payment for services via PayPal. All prices are quoted in USD.